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New album Reminisce Bar & Grill comes out now!


Hello -

My new album Reminisce Bar & Grill is out now (as of Feb 16th).  I have been working it for the last couple of years and I’m very excited for people to hear it.  As the large beers on the album cover indicate, it's not one of my "family records" - but it feels just like my other records to me.  I made it mostly by myself in my small windowless studio in Gowanus Brooklyn (though plenty was recorded live in a fancy studio with some hot shot musicians/engineers). The album is sort of about being a 43-year-old fella with a wife and kids who is trying to survive in the music business with a smile.  So yeah, it's pretty autobiographical.  Songs about marriage, fatherhood, friendship, work, fear and weakness.  There are some hot drum beats on it and some decent jokes and hopefully you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Thank you! - Walt

Listen to single "Ride Down the Avenue"